Akur8 solution achievements

80% of the rate making process could be automated with AI

Akur8 is revolutionizing insurance pricing with transparent AI.
Akur8 developed a unique AI-based insurance pricing solution that automates modeling for insurance companies while keeping full transparency and control on the models created, as required by regulators worldwide.
Akur8 enables to reduce modeling time by 10 times and to increase the predictive power of models by +10%.

A highly-boosted rate-making process

Akur8 allows insurers to implement a rate making process that is fast, accurate and safe

Safety & transparency

• Avoid risk of adverse-selection, which can be highly costly.
• Comply with local regulation.


• Reduce product time-to-market with automated modeling.
• Increase productivity of pricing teams.


• Improve predictive power of risk models.
• Build more precise and personalized prices.


Pricing sophistication is a major differentiator for insurers

The Akur8 AI pricing solution embeds all steps of the pricing process in one integrated and collaborative solution - from data set preparation to commercial pricing optimisation and execution -  leveraging the Akur8 Engine™.


Want to test Akur8?

80%+ of the insurers who did a pilot with us are using our solution.