Insurance pricing runs on Akur8™

Speed. Performance. Control.
Akur8 is transforming insurance pricing with Transparent AI™

Akur8 raised $30M in Series B funding!

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Unlocking the potential of pricing analytics in the P&C insurance industry

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AI for Good vs.
AI made evil

Why ethical AI should be a top priority for insurers

The power of Transparent AI™:
a fast, accurate and safe rate making process

Automate your rate modeling process while preserving absolute control and transparency thanks to Akur8’s unique proprietary algorithms powered by Transparent AI™.
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10x faster

Accelerate pricing time-to-market from weeks to hours.

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10% higher predictive power

Make better predictions.
Unlock direct loss ratio improvement potential.

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transparency & safety

Robust and safe methodology.
Built-in transparency, auditability and control.

Quicker time-to-market
and improved performance

Akur8 allows for dramatic gains in modeling time and a strong increase in predictive power for a much higher speed-to-accuracy. This leads to both quicker time-to-market and greater accuracy in decisions made.

Discover the solution
Based on 3 benchmarks done by TOP10 worldwide insurers
Predictive power
Average Gini increase for our clients without increasing complexity

Akur8's solution in one glance

Specifically developed for non-life insurers, Akur8 Transparent AI solution™ enhances insurers’ pricing processes by automating risk and demand modeling, using Transparent AI™ proprietary technology.
The core benefits for insurers include a reduction in modeling time, which will accelerate time to market, and an increase in predictive power, while keeping full transparency and control over the models created.

They trust us

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80%+ of the insurers who did a pilot with us are using our solution.

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